Dr. Julie Horwitz

Dr. Horwitz comes to RIC after ten years on faculty at Western New Mexico University – Gallup Graduate Studies Center.  Her academic background began at Syracuse University with a BS in elementary education. She then earned two Masters degrees, secondary education and educational leadership. Her terminal degree was awarded from University of New Mexico in Language, Literacy and Socio Cultural Studies in 2007.

Dr. Horwitz taught elementary school and middle and high school English and science on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico and was a United States Peace Corp volunteer in Kiribati. Her research interests include new teacher mentoring, self-study, critical reflection, and action research.

Dr. John Niska

Dr. Niska was hired in the spring of 2002 to coordinate the Middle Level Program at Rhode Island College. Previously he served as the executive director for the Rhode Island Middle Level Educators (RIMLE) Network for over 4 years.

His background in middle level education is extensive. He has taught middle level curriculum and early adolescent development at three colleges, presented both regionally and nationally on middle level issues, is and is published nationally. He is the current president of the National Association of Professors of Middle Level Education (NAPOMLE) Association and was named to the National Middle School Association in May of 2007 and has become a best seller. His areas of interest and expertise include implementing middle level advisory programs, skill development for advisors, and fostering college and school partnerships.

He is from a bi-lingual and bi-cultural Finnish-American community in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. During his spare time he enjoys traveling, biking and skiing.


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